Systems Integration - We specialize in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together.

With Cal-Tronics custom systems integration capability you can;

  • Improve Process quality
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency
  • Manage Energy and Usage Cost
  • Meet or Exceed Safety Regulatory Requirements
  • Reduce Production Down Time and Waste

Cal-Tronics Systems is staffed with Industrial Control System professionals with the necessary project management, design, programming, and integration skills required to meet our client's specific needs.

UL Panels

Cal-Tronics Systems has been providing custom Control Panels for industrial applications since 1987. Using state-of-the-art technology our technical and engineering staff will ensure that each Panel project meets or exceeds your specifications. Only the highest quality components are used in the construction of each Control Panel.

With our extensive background in Control Panel design and manufacture, Cal-Tronics Systems can provide UL approved Custom Control Panels to meet your every need. Each Control Panel receives extensive testing and verification of design, quality documentation and clear identification of all internal components. All wiring is clearly marked and coordinated with the schematic diagrams for each control panel.

If you have an existing design, Cal-Tronics can work from your engineering specifications and prints to produce quality, UL approved panels to meet your delivery schedules.

After completion of the Control Panel, Cal-Tronics Systems service personnel can install, test and train customer employees on the use of the panel.

Call us today and let us show you how Cal-Tronics Systems can improve production efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and ensure effective integration into your production environment.

Maintenance Programs

As Production Systems become more complex and critical applications requiring minimal downtime, the issue of both Emergency, Scheduled and Predicted Preventive Maintenance programs become increasingly important. Proper maintenance scheduling can;

  • Reduce unscheduled maintenance requirements, resulting in improved up-time for critical system components
  • Improve operational performance by reducing outages during prime production periods
  • Lower overall Total Cost of Ownership by increasing machine life
  • Improve profits by ensuring that production capacity is not impacted by equipment outages

With over 30 years of experience in supporting a wide range of production equipment, Cal-Tronics Systems is equipped to provide you with the specialty services to get your systems back on line in the minimum amount of time and keep them running at their optimal level.

Cal-Tronics Systems provides both scheduled and un-scheduled as well as predicted maintenance services throughout the Chicago and suburban area. Our professional service staff can provide responsive support to meet your specific needs.

  • With Emergency service, Cal-Tronics can get your equipment back on-line to meet production demands.
  • Our Scheduled Maintenance programs offer on-going maintenance services for critical systems, scheduled at your convenience to meet your production schedules
  • Using our Predicted Maintenance Program, we can provide our maintenance services based on the anticipated failure trends of critical system components. This helps to ensure maximum up-time and reliability.